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A1 Unlock Auto Locksmiths can replace your broken or lost car keys if necessary, but we can also help repair and fix damaged car locks, a broken central locking system and we can help with any problems relating to remote locking devices.

With so many makes and models of cars, there are thousands of types of car locks, and each one can suffer from damage. A1 can help you get back into your car by fixing your damaged lock system.

Many people have experienced arrange of issues from keys snapping in the locks while other have problems getting keys stuck in the ignition or causing the wheel to lock up. You may have issues with the actual lock itself, it may have suffered damage from environmental issues if the weather is extremely cold, or in some older models the lock may suffer from corrosion damage.

While these problems may seem really serious at first it helps not to panic, chances are we’ve seen the problem before and we can help you get back into your car or get your lock fixed.

All of our work is carried out by our expert auto locksmith using modern techniques and equipment to ensure your car locks become functional again

We cover the majority of vehicles on the road, including modern, high security models. The manufacturer range includes: Audi- Citroen- Daewoo- Fiat- Ford- Honda- Hyundai- Jaguar- Jeep- Kia- Land Rover- Mazda- Mercedes-Benz – Mitsubishi- Nissan- Peugeot- Range Rover- Renault- Rover- Saab- Skoda- Subaru- Suzuki- Toyota- Vauxhall-Volvo- Volkswagen- VW 

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