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Newcastle Car Key Cutting Service

A1 Unlock Auto Locksmiths offers a mobile car key cutting service for replacing lost, stolen or broken car keys. We work from our mobile workshop van throughout the north east and are able to come to your vehicle and cut you a new car key on site. We can cut keys for the majority of vehicles including cars and vans and some larger commercial heavy goods vehicles. We also offer a motorbike key cutting service.

We are able to cut new keys for most cars even if you have lost your last remaining key. We can pick then decode your locks onsite or your vehicle’s main dealer may supply us with a unique code which gives the information needed to cut a correct fitting key. This is known as a key number and when entered into our software will supply the exact cuts for the key. Every car will have a unique key to operate the locks. No two vehicles will have the same cuts in the key. The key number needed to cut this unique key will be obtained from the vehicles VIN or registration number. For some vehicle makes, this code can be found in the service handbook or on a separate card. This is one of the most important pieces of information in the service documentation but for some reason always goes missing!

If no key number is available or accessible from the dealer and we can’t decode it through the lock we can find out how to cut your car key by removing a lock from the car. We will take the lock apart and then be able to read the combination for cutting a working car key. When removing locks every care is taken to cause no damage to your vehicle. Locks are always replaced carefully and you will never know it has been removed.

If we are cutting you a spare car key we can use your existing key to copy the pattern. We use an automated or manual machine to make an exact copy of the key. You will then have a duplicate car key that is identical to your existing key. If your car key is cracked or broken into two pieces we can decode the key or use the broken pieces to make a copy of the key