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NB: Due to an increase in car crime and the theft of keys , we will not program any key bought elsewhere unless bought from a main dealer and supported with the main dealer receipt.

We DO NOT cut any keys (or key blades) bought from ebay, or from ANY other third party supplier.

We DO NOT attempt to program any keys or remotes bought from ebay, or ANY other third party supplier.

We DO NOT ‘re-chip’ and program any keys or remote keys bought from ebay, or ANY other third party supplier.

Why Not?

The majority of keys and remotes sold on ebay are second hand. Even those remotes sold as new are often actually used electronic parts placed inside a new shell. Many of these keys and remotes use transponder chips which cannot be reused. Once programmed they become ‘locked’ to that vehicle and cannot be reprogrammed to another.

Others contain the wrong type of transponder chip. Attempting to programme the wrong chip to your vehicle can cause irreparable damage to the immobiliser unit and/or ECU, costing £thousands to replace.

Many of the genuinely ‘new’ keys are also cheap copies. These often use substandard metals in the blades that can damage our very expensive cutting machinery. With replacement blades for our cutters costing so much, we are not willing to take any risks with them.

Most of the descriptions on ebay are simply wrong. We often see adverts for remotes claiming that they are suitable for several different models. We KNOW that each of these models uses a completely different remote and that they are not interchangeable, so the chances are that you have bought the wrong part anyway, even if it looks the same as the one you already have!

But I bought my remote/key from the dealer! It’s genuine!

Then please show us proof or ask the dealer. As stated; we do not programme ANY third party keys or remotes. If you need a key and/or a remote, we will be pleased to provide you with a competitive quote. This includes supply, cutting and programming.

Because we have chosen to adopt this approach you can be assured that, when you use A1unlock auto locksmiths, you will receive a key and/or remote that actually will work and you will not just be throwing good money after bad.