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A locksmith is a skilled tradesman that can gain entry by picking locks and various other techniques. They will also be able to cut keys from a code or by examining a lock. A locksmith that specialises in car keys is traditionally known as an auto locksmith, although they may also be referred to as a car locksmith, automotive locksmith or a vehicle locksmith. These titles all refer to the same specific specialist trade.

Opening a vehicle non destructively is the first hurdle we face. Next we need to decode what’s in the lock and cut a new working key that operates each of the cars locks, including the ignition. A domestic locksmith would operate in the same way and follow the same steps to open a door and produce a new key. Car keys are much more sophisticated than common house keys however, and will often need programming to make the car start.

Our auto locksmith has had intensive specialist auto locksmith training gaining the necessary skills and uses 2014 state of the art equipment to extract the security code from your vehicle that is required for programming the key. All keys and remotes are programmed and coded on site at your vehicle by our skilled locksmith.

Our car key replacement and car key cutting services mean you can replace your lost car key quickly. Our locksmith has under gone industry recognised training and our investment in the latest transponder technology means we will soon get you back on the road. Our mobile vehicle locksmith offers an extensive car key programming and replacement service that is trusted by many motoring organisations, local authorities and the emergency services.

Individuals that are stranded with key or lock problems, have lost or broken keys are expertly dealt with by our specialist trained auto locksmith. The vehicle locksmith is supplied with every type of key blank that is possible to cut at the roadside, and have the necessary key-cutting and transponder-coding machinery on board to complete the task - no need for a costly recovery vehicle and main dealer pricing. Our car key replacement and car key cutting services mean you can replace your lost car key quickly with A1 unlock locksmiths. Lost Car Keys - Broken and Worn Car keys - Vehicle Entry - Transponder Key Programming - Damaged Lock Repair - Key Retrieval - Roadside Assistance

Central locking remote programming and repair, Damaged door and ignition locks repaired, Vehicle entry and Keys Made on site, Spare car key / car key duplication, Lost or stolen car key replacement.