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Third Party Keys & Remotes

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NB: Due to an increase in car crime and the theft of keys , we will not program any key bought elsewhere unless bought from a main dealer and supported with the main dealer receipt.

We DO NOT cut any keys (or key blades) bought from ebay, or from ANY other third party supplier.

We DO NOT attempt to program any keys or remotes bought from ebay, or ANY other third party supplier.

We DO NOT ‘re-chip’ and program any keys or remote keys bought from ebay, or ANY other third party supplier.

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What is a transponder (Chip) car key?

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If you have lost your car keys or went to get a copy made in the last few years chances are you were shocked at the price. Gone are the days where a copy of your keys cost just a few pound. As an automotive locksmith many people ask me, “What is a chipped key?” answer, To help prevent vehicle theft, most car manufactures’ rely on a system that was designed during WWII.

To help prevent friendly fire incidents against Allied Aircraft a new invention was created. A transponder system would “transmit” a signal to an aircraft. The aircrafts system would then see the signal and “respond” with a corresponding code, giving us the word transponder.

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Newcastle Auto Locksmith Service

A locksmith is a skilled tradesman that can gain entry by picking locks and various other techniques. They will also be able to cut keys from a code or by examining a lock. A locksmith that specialises in car keys is traditionally known as an auto locksmith, although they may also be referred to as a car locksmith, automotive locksmith or a vehicle locksmith. These titles all refer to the same specific specialist trade.

Opening a vehicle non destructively is the first hurdle we face. Next we need to decode what’s in the lock and cut a new working key that operates each of the cars locks, including the ignition. A domestic locksmith would operate in the same way and follow the same steps to open a door and produce a new key. Car keys are much more sophisticated than common house keys however, and will often need programming to make the car start.

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