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We know getting locked out of your vehicle can be a nerve raking experience, but its best to try and not panic. You can help us get to your vehicle and fix the problem more rapidly by taking a few minutes to read through the details on this page relating to your make or model of car and having the information we need ready before you call us. Once you have checked over the info relating to your make and model please call us on 07766086008.

***Please note for security purposes and to help us get the best price possible having your vehicles registration, make, model and vehicle identification number to hand before you call makes the process much quicker, V5 doc proof needed before we can carry out any work***

Vauxhall /GM Opel

The immobiliser system on these vehicles requires a four digit pin code to be added before any new or replacement keys can be programmed. The vehicle would have come with a security pass containing the pin number. If the pass has been lost then most locksmiths will require you to apply for a replacement via your main dealer. The pass will cost approximately £25 and will take up to three working days to come through.

Dealers for these makes now require a copy of your photo driving license, front and insede V5 doc, and this to be sent as an email or text or they will not give out security codes.

You could be without your car for five days if you go elsewhere!

We can read the pin code from the immobiliser unit at the roadside and therefore cut out the waiting time and have you back on the road again without delay

Toyota / Lexus

Unlike most other vehicles incorporating this type of security system, If you require new or replacement keys, it is necessary to remove the engine control unit (ECU) from your vehicle.

The dealers will charge in excess of £1000 to rectify the problem and will set about replacing the immobiliser system.

We can rework the data in the existing units, therefore removing the need to replace them, at a significantly reduced rate, while you wait.

We can also erase data stored on previous keys that may have been stolen or retained by previous owners, giving you that extra peace of mind.

Peugeot / Citroen

Please note that in order to re-programme your keys, a 4-digit security code and radio-code are required. These numbers are stored on a blue plastic card found inside the service and handbook folder that should have been provided to you at the time you purchased your vehicle.

If you don't have these, don't worry. We have specialist equipment the enables us to read the pin codes from most of the immobiliser units and for those that cannot be read, we can obtain the information required by contacting your local Peugeot dealership, on your behalf.


The immobiliser system fitted to these vehicles requires a 4 Digit Secret Pin Code to be entered to enable the new replacement keys to be programmed.

Unlike most other manufacturers, VW/Audi Dealers DO NOT have access to the pin code for your vehicle. They cannot therefore provide you with the pin number despite what other people may have you believe.

This however is not a problem for us.

We have several types of specialist equipment to enable us to read the pin number at the roadside from the immobiliser box, dash or ECU depending on the system fitted to your vehicle.

We can read the pin 100% of the time.


We can effect entry following lockout, on all models within the BMW range.

We can also remove broken keys from door and ignition locks.

However we do not offer a replacement key service, even though we have equipment to enable us to do so, as we have found that the BMW Dealers are able to supply a genuine key, pre-programmed, direct from the factory at a competitive price to the customer.


We can effect entry following lockout on all models within the Mercedes range.

We can remove broken keys from door and ignition locks.

We can supply and clone new keys following breakage for most of the Sprinter and Vito Van range of vehicles but DO NOT offer a replacement key service for any other models in the Mercedes Range.


We can effect entry following lockout, on all models within the Volvo range.

We can remove broken keys from door and ignition locks

However we do not offer a replacement key service.